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Technology Viewpoint

The aerospace and defense sector is disrupted by numerous new technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and blockchain. Although the full economic impact of these technologies is not known yet, private companies as well as public organizations and institutions should closely monitor further developments and take respective actions. The A&D Technology Viewpoint by 4strat and Strategy&, which was released in March 2022, provides an overview of key technologies that have the potential to reshape the aerospace and defense industry. The viewpoint aims to add a new perspective on technology-driven opportunities and challenges for both private and public players. Based on an AI-supported analysis of more than 5,000 online articles as well as the input of industry experts, 16 key technologies have been identified and evaluated along pre-defined criteria such as estimated economic impact and market readiness.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding the viewpoint, feel free to reach out to the authors.

About Strategy&

Strategy& is a global strategy consulting business uniquely positioned to help deliver your best future: one that is built on differentiation from the inside out and tailored exactly to you. As part of PwC, every day we're building the winning systems that are at the heart of growth. We combine our powerful foresight with this tangible know how, technology, and scale to help you create a better, more transformative strategy from day one.As the only at-scale strategy business that's part of a global professional services network, we embed our strategy capabilities with frontline teams across PwC to show you where you need to go, the choices you'll need to make to get there, and how to get it right. The result is an authentic strategy process powerful enough to capture possibility, while pragmatic enough to ensure effective delivery. It's the strategy that gets an organization through the changes of today and drives results that redefine tomorrow.It's the strategy that turns vision into reality. It's strategy, made real.

About 4strat

4strat offers expert and data-driven strategy foresight tools and services to empower organizations to stay relevant in the future. Founded in 2016, the Berlin-based core team consists of futurists, innovators, and designers and has access to more than 350 software engineers. With the Foresight Strategy Cockpit (FSC), 4strat is providing a holistic all-in-one solution to manage foresight processes from trends to scenarios all the way to finalized strategies. The FSC is currently in use by more than 20 companies and organizations worldwide and supports the daily work of foresight practitioners with clients in the areas of foresight, strategy, and innovation.
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