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    Achieved standardisation of communication protocols
    The military drives innovation.
    The military increases its research capabilities and creates more self-developed solutions without commercial systems. However, missing competencies and an organizational structure could hinder an agile and cost-effective process.
    Europe builds an open innovation ecosystem.
    There is sustainable growth and collaboration in Europe’s defense industry with public institutions and private companies. They increasingly work together, cooperating from the earliest stages of product proposals and development to close capability gaps, leverage human and technological resource synergies, and achieve the benefits of scale.
    Decreased militarization of commercial systems
    Increased militarization of commercial systems
    Europe misses out on the digital age.
    No single European country has a comprehensive portfolio of digital equipment and capabilities across the air, land, sea, cyber, and space domains. At the continental level, the full capability spectrum does exist, but systems are not designed to work together, thereby hindering interoperability and the deepening of an independent European defense capability.
    Countries operate as lone champions.
    Each country has their own national industry champions. As a result, a broad range of products and platforms are developed at great expense by a large number of manufacturers. Only few opportunities to sell at scale or to share expertise across borders exist.
    Missing standardisation of communication protocols
    Combat Cloud as building block for digital sovereignty in Europe?
    Dr. Jan Wille, Partner at Strategy&
    The tactical cloud, or combat cloud, is the latest manifestation of Network Centric Warfare (NCW) as a multi-domain command and control system. Our analysis has shown that all technologically advanced nations are developing combat cloud solutions for their military, including China and Russia. For Europe, there is an opportunity to collaborate more closely to develop its own combat cloud and thus overcome today's problems with the interoperability of command and control systems and share the high investments needed. The coordinated development of a European military cloud can also make an important contribution to digital sovereignty in Europe through spillover effects from the military into the civil sector.
    Dr. Jan Wille, Partner at Strategy&
    Dr. Nils Förster, Director at Strategy&
    Interoperability between the European armed forces is an urgent problem that will become even more serious with increasing digitalization – especially with regard to the large number of weapon systems and C3 solutions used in Europe today. A European combat cloud based on joint standards and protocols can therefore be a driver for interoperability and sustainably drive cooperation between the European armed forces.
    Dr. Nils Förster, Director at Strategy&
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